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Shambhala PortAventura Opening Day Video

Saturday 12th May saw the grand opening of Shambhala at PortAventura and the guys from Theme Park World have put together this great video for everyone..enjoy.

Saturday, 12 May 2012


Shambhala finally opens its doors on Saturday May 12th, at 3 PM

Among the ancient myths of Himalayas appears a lost paradise, surrounded by impregnable mountains. For thousands of years different stories were told about this place beyond Tibet, among the majestic peaks and remote valleys of Central Asia, that persists as an inaccessible paradise. This land was described as a heart of happiness and eternal youth. It's a hidden world which seems impossible to access. It's like mirages, it's there and it's not. In his novel the Russian spiritualist Nikolai Roerich speaks about Agharti (name of the Buddhist underground paradise) as a seat of the king of the world. According to Roerich, Agharti was related to every continent through secret passages. This place is known as Shambhala.

Start a legendary voyage in PortAventura! Discover the Shambhala experience.

Countless legends have been written about Shambhala. And they describe this mythical place that you are about to discover, as an inaccessible paradise, kingdom of peace and wisdom. A magical land connected with all continents and also isolated from the world, among the majestic peaks and valleys of Central Asia.

In PortAventura we have recreated this imaginary kingdom that was inspired to us by the culture and architectural style of the kingdom of Bhutan, one of the most isolated and unknown to the world. Small, landlocked and mountainous, it is described as a paradise between heaven and earth.

With Shambhala you'll conquer the skies.

It's a rollercoaster of the group "hypercoasters" which is characterized by huge size and height, a long run, and its possibility to reach an impressive speed.

The run of the roller coaster is over 1,650 meters, for which were necessary more than 1,600 tons of steel for the structure. We used over 4,000 m3 of concrete for foundations that in some places reach 18 meters deep.

The attraction beats three European records:
  1. The highest rollercoaster in Europe (76 meters)
  2. Rollercoaster with the longest fall in Europe (78 meters)
  3. The fastest European hypercoaster, it will reach 134 km / h on the first descent.

There are 5 camelbacks (elevations during the course), the lowest of which has a height equivalent to a 7-storey building. On each of these camelbacks the travelers will experience the effect known as air time, losing contact with the seat. It will be like a brow of a hill on roads, but much more intense.

The rollercoaster has 3 trains, with 32 seats each and they may be operating on the attraction at the same time.

The design work was undertaken jointly between the companies PortAventura and Bollinger & Mabillard, who also designed the Dragon Khan.
Source Portaventura Website