Saturday, 3 April 2010

Saloufest makes the News

Well 5000 plus students running amok in Salou..... What a load of rubbish.
The headline should read something like:
5000 welcome punters visit Salou
The daily mail reports that there were near on riots in Salou's streets not safe for locals, vomit and urine everywhere. Only 1 arrest, one person arrested from over 5000 drunks tells me that for the best part the students were simply having FUN and not causing any trouble with anyone.
Try 5000 drunks on the streets of the UK and I don't think the cells in any town would be big enough to hold those arrested.
The press have done a really good job of making Salou sound like a war zone and not family friendly.
Just had to let off a little steam as for those who know Salou and it's locals will tell you, Salou is one of the safest family holiday resorts in Europe.
Don't be put off by the Daily Wail and the Sun both newspapers have been discredited on many occasions and this is once again a vastly exaggerated over the top assault on Salou and its reputation.

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  1. Off to salou in June, hope your right. Cost me a lot of money this holiday and dont want it ruined by drunken idiots having a so called good time at my expence. A Butler. Oldham. Lancs.