Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Salou Businesses report a loss for municipal works.

"Who would have thought that they would start municipal work in early May?" Asked Marta Toledo, The paddock restaurant owner and one of the last affected by the work consisting of wiring for new streetlights and repair sidewalks in the street Punta Salou's Cavall. Like her, half a dozen shops have joined the outcry by not understanding either the timing or effectiveness of measures to improve lighting on the street.

Marcel Vos, who runs the Big Ben, explains that he has closed to the public "for most of the time in which the works were carried out." The owners of the various establishments claim that, because of these municipal works which started on April 30, "We have suffered serious economic damage", not quantified. Marta Toledo as an example said that "with the dust raised by the works, all the tables and the chairs are filled with dirt. Many clients go look in and end up walking away business because of the mess that they see. Did no one understand that these works could have been done in November or that could have been delayed until the end of the tourist season? ".

Streetlights and sidewalks

For Elena Monica Benayon, a resident of the area, "there are businesses that do not cover expenses. What does it mean? If a business does not trade, and tell me how you pay the bills. " Traders claimed also that "the work on the sidewalks is not cordoned off. So, while they continue to errect electricity and telephone poles no cars or children or handicapped chairs can pass. "

For its part, the City acknowledges having met with those involved and said that the issue will be resolved in early June. "We understand the position of merchants. Claims that do will be met ", say local sources. As to the date of the works, the municipality believes that they should not hurt too much "because it does not take place in the peak tourist season. They themselves had requested improvements. "

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