Thursday, 26 November 2009

New Train Station?

The plenary meeting held yesterday in Salou came marked, beyond the points addressed in the agenda, by the controversy built around of the future railway station in the municipality. Thus, whereas the Government team remained firm its assertion that the Ministry of public assured them that for a year and half there station, the opposition defended the topic was being studied.
It was Salvador Pellicé (of the non-attached Group) who opened Pandora's box: 'You must have knowledge of all the efforts we made into the station because it was a matter that was currently under consideration'. A phase which was not beyond because 'we encounter the problem of the impact that this supposed to Vila-dry'. The Mayor, Pere Granados, replied that 'there is study and non-budget, therefore no station'.
For its part, the leader of the PSC, Antonio Banyeres, stressed that 'beyond of that or not, has licitado in Madrid we were told there station', something that denies because 'wasn't that what we said the Ministry' Granados who, as published on 19 November, the Diari ensures the option of giving a train station Salou is never aborted. In view of the magnitude that generated the debate, Alue recalled that 'went 2 times to Madrid to defend station' and requested Granados not create 'shadow of a doubt on the effectiveness of the previous Government team'. The Mayor was clear: ' I don't think doubts; I am strong and forceful: no station and this is a lack of defence of the interests of Salou '. Therefore requested 'agreement and drive' both policy as a citizen to achieve Salou 'Note station'.

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