Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Salou Squid hunt begins

Salou is, of immemorial years, a town whose roots are due to the sea. It has always been and always will be. To keep these seafaring customs each year, for already 35, the fishermen sailing out to sea in search of them crowned champions piece of squid fishing contest.

This edition (XXXV) with the participation of 37 boats led by professional fishermen, amateurs and fans of all ages (30 to 80 years) working from yesterday until Saturday, to get the squid, cuttlefish and largest octopus. However, the thing does not look too easy: even if this season looks as good, Josep Brull (known as' Pepito Cap de Sucre "), skipper of the boat 'Herisau' regrets that" it is very difficult because there are seasons squid very good and some very loose. However, Brull says' good time find says that this year.

Intuition and experience Brull (has participated in every edition of the contest) portend a competition that will have nothing to do with last year, when bad weather undercut the capture of three species of cephalopods. "Last week some 1 kilo squid caught, which shows there," says Brull.

Chupinazo and the sea!

While Brull explained that the name of his boat owes it to the Swiss city where he lived for 10 years and which served as a fisherman and rang the traditional chupinazo that began the first day of competition. The cries of his three boat mates alerted the skipper, who rushed to join them to undertake his umpteenth trip to sea. Time passed and squid, cuttlefish and octopus (rare), impatiently waiting the arrival of the boats.

The first few hours of fishing are the weakest because there is still sunshine and Brull explained that "when the sun goes down, the squid bite more. Still, yesterday began with force: the Magic Grup boat, run by Jacob Fibla (owner of the catering and restaurant company that named the boat) managed to steal a squid (250 grams) and a cuttlefish nothing further out to sea. This good start was glad to Fibla, a young fan who says goes fishing every evening after work when "we keep a good average. In addition, last week we caught 8 squids of 1.5 kilos each.

First results

The boat of more than one crew member yesterday took more points (830) was Argos IV, run by Joan Carbonell, while the boat Salou (last year's winner in the category of a single crew) got 510 points. The largest squid was caught yesterday that the boat did it LĂ­dia 4, whose patron is Anton Ginovart (the specimen weighed 1245 grams). By contrast, smaller squid (80 grams) is what took the boat Andreamar, Esteve Giralt.

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