Saturday, 21 November 2009

Salou puts up the Christmas lights.

After many weeks of doubt and second thoughts, the association of merchants 365, Salou has decided to loosen the rope and light the streets at Christmas with 76 lights. This decision, however, has been taken in spite of the members of the board of the agency, which reluctantly complied 'sentence' end. And is that despite the insistence, the association has raised only (for now, since mid-December still accepting donations) € 1,300 of the 6,000 needed to install the lights. A cost, explained the president of the association of traders, Joan Vicens, the lighting installation company, Commercial 54 SL, agreed to lower due to the situation found in the municipality.

However, Salou enjoy Christmas lights thanks to the contribution of the City Council (20 bridges) and partnership (the rest), which faces spending without sufficient economic support. In this sense, trade councilor of the consistory, Pedro Lavilla, nuance that "there has been an agreement, it must be clear which side is up to each one," and made a call to traders from Salou to be aware of that "it is they who pay the lights. Although Lavilla said that "it is a problem that is not new," also wanted to point out that if the association had been closed in band, "had done something" not to leave Salou 'dark'. For example "some of the money earmarked for trade promotion at this purpose."

Lighting Contest for 2010

To prevent this problem from recurring next year, Vicens raise the organization of a Christmas lights contest: "If done windows and it works, why not do it with the lighting of the streets?". The idea of the president of the association of merchants already well developed in his mind: "the companies would bring their best lights and make a popular vote in associated businesses. Apart from solving the conflict this year, an initiative of this caliber "would make people come to Salou to see the lights and buy in order to vote. The award for best lighting would be in cash, "an amount that would share in prize money and could be the equivalent we spend now to put the lights'.

This contrasts with the solution he offered the councilman of Commerce Council, which proposed that the Association 365 dies allocate a minimum quota of Christmas lights, something that "should be raised with well in advance for what has happened this year does not flies to be repeated. Anyway, there's still a year to set an exit because right now, for 2009, salou can 'breathe' quiet: not run out of lights for the holidays.

Christmas came

Salouense City Hall sources said the lights will be lit during the bridge of the Constitution. Instead, Christmas is underway in PortAventura, who will present the season on Wednesday with the presence of tennis star Feliciano Lopez and the model M ª José Suárez. The holiday activities in the park will start on Sunday 28 and lasts until January 6.

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