Tuesday, 10 January 2012

PortAventura visitors up on last season.

PortAventura has finished this season, which ended yesterday, with 3.2 million visitors for the season, for the Costa Dorada  theme park.

In the absence of definitive data, and after closing the 2011 season yesterday, sources have confirmed that, despite the crisis, the number of visitors has been "very superior" to the previous year.

The visitor count exceeds the previous year considerably with a third of visitors coming from Catalunya, one third from the rest of Spain and the other third made up from British, French and Dutch with the largest increase being from Russia

Furthermore, until 30 March when the 2012 season begins, PortAventura continue with new investments and projects like the new roller coaster, dedicated to the family audience, with the highest drop in the world a whopping 300ft which will open next spring and will involve an investment of 25 million.

The subject of this ride is based on the Himalayas and will consist of a challenging adventure, with references to the legends of this mountain range in Asia.

Also being built is a camper parking area, which will allow people to spend the night at PortAventura and buy a combined ticket to enjoy the park and spend the night in the parking area.

Also being developed is a driving school, an attraction where children can learn road safety concepts and then implement them on their own circuit car.

Finally, PortAventura continued to remodel the 500-room Hotel PortAventura, which will be revamped with a versatile approach suitable for both the public holiday or for business.

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